Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11. Day 102. It's a weird world

It is terribly easy to not really notice and certainly not appreciate what we have around us. Familiarity might not breed contempt, exactly, but ambivalence is certainly a possibility or even probability.  Because I'm at South Bank all the time I don't really appreciate what a positively beautiful inner city space it is and how very odd the things that live and grow there must seem to international visitors. Today the dogs and I were back and the presence of the fur friends startled one of the water dragons. This caused quite a reaction. The English tourists were a bit disappointed because their photo opportunity had just run off. An Asian couple sitting on  a bench recoiled in horror as the lizard headed their way. As soon as the lizard-adverse visitors were calmed I assured those enraptured by the reptiles that if they followed me there would be lizards aplenty. The dogs were charging towards the ponds simple because they knew that's where the lizards live, I told them. The were delighted to follow and I was able to deliver the promised lizards. I admit to someone from the UK they must look exotic indeed as to the giant trees with their air roots. It's a weird world.

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