Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4. Day 35. A nice ring to it

A regular, probably too regular, Saturday morning activity is a walk to the markets. It would be okay if when I was at the West End Markets I was stocking up on the wonderful fresh fruit, vegetables and produce. Unfortunately that's not the real lure so I've made myself two rules for market shopping
1) I have to be able to carry it home and
2) I can not use the credit card to pay for my purchase
Rule one is not especially limiting as I am generally drawn to the jewellery and the weight of a necklace is unlikely to deter me. But rule two at least makes me think twice.
Often, like today, I don't actually buy anything but I do like to look. This tray of rings attracted my attention today. Perhaps next week...


  1. Nice one, which markets were these at? I know my weekend pics are made far easier by my attendance at West End today but I'm not so sure if this mornings work is worthy only time will tell...

  2. I might need to pop on over to the West End Markets! Love those rings.

  3. What unusual rings, very attractive and colourful.