Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27. Day 58. Reflections

Day 1. Semester 1, 2012. And so the new university year begins. I love it when the starter's gun finally sounds. For me, teaching is the main game and the university finally comes to life when the students return.
I was on campus just after dawn this morning which would make me seem like a very eager beaver except that it was the OTHER university, not the one I work at. Even as a loyal Queensland University of Technology employee, I'm sure it is okay to say that the University of Queensland's Saint Lucia campus is very beautiful indeed.  The Great Court is spectacular and the lakes are stunning. This morning, as well as the usual ducks and geese, I saw turtles and eels swimming happily in the lakes. I was reflecting on my teaching to this point and the year ahead as I walked. This angle with the old building and the new going up beside it reflected in the lake seemed to sum it up perfectly.

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  1. Simply stunning a lovely still morning it not lovely then I would think very muggy.I certainly need to get out more often.......