Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22. Day 53. O. What a feeling

Nothing says Orientation Week quite like a toga party. This week at QUT new students are officially being welcomed to university life. Now back in my day (ancient history lesson here), O Week always meant toga parties all-night movies and lots and lots of partying. Recently it has all seemed very tame by comparison but perhaps that's because I'm one of the ones doing the welcoming and not in the group being welcomed to the system. But I was pleased to see that for the class of 2012 the toga party is back. There is also a silent dance party tomorrow. I had to google that. Apparently, this means there is a DJ and lights and so on but you can only hear the music through the supplied headphones. The advertised advantage is you don't disturb the neighbours. I suggest it would also mean that you don't have to have conversations like:
BOY: What's your name?
GIRL: What?
BOY: Your name?
GIRL: Um Yeah I come here all the time?
Takes all the fun out of it really.

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