Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17. Day 48 I've got the Doodle Bug

I can't help myself. Sit me down with an agenda and within minutes (sometimes seconds) I start to doodle. My folders and notebooks are filled with doodles. Most of them are variations on this theme with lots of spirals, dots and zig zags often created with a four-colour pen I try to keep in my handbag for the purpose. There are, however, plenty of monocolour works in the Complete Collection of Susan's Doodles. You might think this means I am not paying attention - not so. I find my mind wanders much more when I'm not doing something while listening.
This fetching work has been developed over a series of meetings but was completed today at yet another briefing. I think it would make a lovely tie or scarf. What do you think?


  1. Meetings bloody meetings I always knew they were good for something. Love your work, would make great material for boardies or bikini's

  2. Oh I do love this one! Great scarf! Much nicer than the one I got to work with! Maybe pot holders? A vest for Mr O?

    1. Someone quilted me a table runner with one of my doodles once. It's cool. I think Mr O would wear it as a vest. Certainly as a tie (although he tells me his doodles are better than mine)