Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1. Day 32. Anyone for a cuppa?

Today was the first day back in the office for 2012 and that meant the first skim milk hot chocolate for the year. It's probably the need for distraction or the desire to socialise at the coffee shop, but I only drink hot chocolate on days at the office.
The hot chocolate (with marshmallows) was very nice, thank-you very much. The disposable cup it was served in, not so good. I much prefer proper crockery. But later in the day, I did find a more than acceptable use for the disposable coffee cup. Walking home from South Bank I stumbled on Scrumptious Reads Installation Shop. What an installation shop is I have no idea but it seemed to sell food accessories and cookbooks. What caught my attention was that the shelving and decorations were made entirely of coffee cups. This one was hanging from the roof. This is to my taste.


  1. Now that is truly Art...... I need a job so I can get out more often the world is certainly full of beauty....