Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2. Day 33. Knocking on Heaven's Door

I can't be sure but I think this may be the first time in the history of the world that the phrases "colonoscopy prep kit" and "gates of heaven" have been used in the same sentence. If there is anything you can inflcit on yourself closer to hell than prepping for a colonoscopy I hope never to go there. But today, the two collided in my life. I was at Wickham Terrace heading to my specialist to collect the human equivalent of Draino. And there it was. This bright shining thing which turned out to be a scultpure called The Gates of Heaven by Brisbane scupltor Wendy Mills. Now here's the thing. That sculpture has been there since 1988. I walked around a bit and found that the whole King Edward Park where it lives was reopened as a Sculpture Park in 1990 by then Brisbane Lord Mayor Sallyanne Atkinson. So even though the sculptures have been there for 22 years and even though I've been seeing the same specialist in the same part of Wickham Terrace for more than a decade, I've never known about the scupture park.
The iphone is now crowded with pics of about eight different sculptures but I really liked the cloudy sky framed through the metal of Gates of Heaven


  1. Now seriously that has to be one of the best shots so far,wow my most sincere congratulations.... Love it.....
    And of course my best wishes for the test and it's prep

  2. You are funny! Good luck with the Drano.... I do not envy you. I hope the crazed glass you have photographed twice this week is not a metaphor for your life right now!

  3. Isn't it fantastic how this project makes you take notice of your world, of places you've been to many times, and situations you are in frequently. You are developing a real gift of observation. I'm really enjoying your project!

    1. Thanks Kel, I love it and I love seeing what you and others are doing for inspiration. So much talent

  4. Very cool shot, great story...and all good wishes for Draino Day.