Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31. Day 31. You've got mail

Even though I obsessively check email, update Facebook and post to Twitter, I still love getting mail. The noise of the postman's motorbike always stirs me into action and there is great joy if there's something handwritten among the envelopes with windows. Yesterday's mail included a postcard from my sister-in-law in London. It didn't say a lot but the fact that she bothered to buy it, write on it, put a stamp on it and post it says much in itself.
So I am impressed by those who actually bother to make a statement with their letterbox. Ours is functional but boring. Today's post is a tribute to those in my area who have letterboxes that stand out from the crowd.

For iphone people this was created with the 6x6 app and Diptic


  1. I love the hand made looking one #65, I think we should issue a challenge for the strangest letter box.
    There's still nothing better than snail mail, imho

  2. We love snail mail so me & my daughter take part in postcrossing and swap postcards with people all over the world. Nothing beats getting handwritten mail in the post.

    These are great postboxes. I love the little house one (65)

  3. I love this post! I have a photo of No. 65! I like to take photos of letterboxes. It's a project of mine (a disorganised project nevertheless). How many people talk about how much they love to receive snail mail, yet never realise that if THEY love it, their friends would love it too? Hop To It folks and send a letter - or a postcard! I like the idea of postcrossing... What is that about? I will Google it.