Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17. Day 17. Hair Today, gone tomorrow

Today I learned that the hairdresser's unborn granddaughter has only one kidney. Emerging from a salon with a look at least somewhat improved on the shaggy dog style you had when you went in is only part of the story of what the haircut experience is about.
As well as catching up on salon gossip, you are able to study the women's magazines for details of what sources close to celebrity couples have allegedly said about the state of their relationships.
And then there is the scalp massage, probably the best experience known to man (or in this case woman)
Yes, the haircut soaks up time and money. Yes, you have to put up with a barrage of inane conversation.
Yes, the road to the new look involves a couple of hours looking like something that should be basted and put in the oven (as today's self portrait reveals)
But you always emerge looking and feeling better for the experience

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