Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25. Day 25. Laced with love

I wish you never grew too old for Velcro. In Velcro World I would never have to nag about shoelaces that are undone. Never. Of course Mr O can not see what all the fuss is about. "My shoelace is undone. Whatever." At least that was his position until last month when he found himself being stretchered out of the house by ambulance officers after he took an unplanned trip from the top of the stairs to the bottom courtesy of an untied shoelace. Once it was established that pride was the only thing injured I so wanted to say "Told ya" but of course I am far too mature for that.
So for now the shoelaces are (mostly) done up and I don't need to relocate to Velcro World.
Still on my walk this morning I found myself drawn to Big Sister, a sculpture by J. Seward Johnson Jr at the Eagle Street Pier. It captures a teenage girl tying up her little sister's shoelaces. It is a stunning piece of street art. Today the weather was hideous but I think the water dripping off the little girl's face adds to the impact


  1. Wow, I have never seen Big Sister by J.Seward Johnson Jr they are beautiful. I love the pic on the right too, the drips, the detail in the jumper.

    1. I hadn't seen it before either - which is why I am loving this project so much. I am seeing things in the city I never noticed before. Amazing detail