Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21. Day 21. Soothing South Bank

As if taking a photo a day for a whole year wasn't enough of an aim for 2012. I also resolved to lose weight and exercise more (which shouldn't surprise anyone I know as I've made that resolution every year for the past 32 years. Actually I've been quite successful in the weight loss thing. I've lost heaps. It's just that it keeps finding me again and bringing friends).
Anyway, I am using the combined resolutions to my advantage. I'm walking. A lot. Truth is I've exercised about an hour a day for nearly two decades but now my trusty Iphone and I are trying out new routes in search of new and different things. And best of all I am walking with my eyes really open to the world around me. For now, I'm loving it. Three weeks down. 49 to go.
Today's photo come from Brisbane's South Bank. Even at 7am, it was starting to heat up but it was beautiful and cool near the lily pad pond. I love the reflections off the water.

*For those interested in iphoneography, I used the CP Pro app which I totally love


  1. Nice , well balanced and almost cooling... 3 weeks down good work..

    1. Beautiful pic Susan! Great to hear you are doing so well with your resolutions! :)

  2. What a pretty pic!