Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19. Day 19. Having a fowl time at the Queensland Art Gallery

Yes, those in the southern states still like to think of Brisbane as a cultural backwater. To them I say "phooey". Have a look at the audience numbers at recent exhibitions at the Gallery of Modern Art and then let's talk.
But even before GOMA, there was an excellent cultural precinct South Bank with the Queensland Art Gallery and the Queensland Museum right on the river.
And there's plenty to see and do for free without waiting for the blockbuster exhibitions.
The doors hadn't even opened for the day when I took this photo of the Leonard and Kathleen Shillam's Pelican sculptures in a water courtyard outside the gallery this morning.
Gotta love pelicans. How I relate to creatures that keep stuffing things in their mouths despite their stomachs having reached capacity.


  1. Love it nice depth almost cooling in its lack of colour.. And I will let the last sentence go through to the keeper :)