Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10. Day 10 . The Eleanor Schonell Bridge

I am a very rare beast. In Brisbane you are either a northside person or a southside person. People just don't seem to "migrate" to the other side of the river. Almost exactly a year ago, my northside family became a southside family - but only just.
We live very close to the Brisbane River. An estate agent might say we have "river glimpses". The reality, however, is although it is probably only a little over one hundred of metres away, the most you can see of the river is reflections off the water through the trees when the light is favourable. While we can't see the water we have a perfect view of the University of Queensland on the other side of the river and we can clearly see the pylons of the Eleanor Schonnel Bridge which links Dutton Park on the South and St Lucia on the north.
The bridge is very unusual in that it only carries pedestrians, cyclists and buses - no cars - but what I like is its shape and the lines of the cables that support it. Often it is where I head on my daily walk. Normally it is a fairly easy stroll but in today's oppressive humidity I thought it might be a bridge too far.I survived and here's today's resulting Project365 montage.


  1. Love the light and colour in the photo top left,

  2. Lovely photos! I'm glad you survived! lol!