Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 27. Day 27. Good friends. I'll drink to that

I love going out with school friends. To clarify, when I say school friends I don't mean those I went to school with (although I love catching up with them too) I mean the Mums I have met through my son's schooling.
My mother is still great friends with parents she met at the school gate and I hope 20 or 30 years from now I still have these bonds.
We generally get together a few times a year but always the week school goes back for the year. The gathering involves much talk, much laughter and normally at least one drink featuring an umbrella or a piece of fruit.
Tonight we ended up at a Turkish restaurant where the food was great, the belly dancing impressive and the service, well, best not spoken about. Today's pic is a light fitting at the restaurant I just loved. I'm not sure if it was true love or the kind of love you have after a drink with an umbrella, a rather excellent Western Australian sauv blanc and a belly full of Turkish banquet.
If tomorrow's blog offering seems a little out of focus you will know why. Cheers


  1. Was this shot taken with you lying down with a belly full of Turkish banquet washed down with fine wine?
    If you stare at the light long enough they almost appear to be descending from the heavens just a little trippy or it could be the wine......

    1. Can't exactly remember the conditions it was taken under. It was right at the end of the night!