Friday, April 25, 2014

April 25. Day 115. On the ball

Colour blindness is well known to be a gender-linked condition, affecting mainly men. It is not the only vision-related deficiency which strikes the male of the species. Men don't, as far as I know, have a problem with vision. They do, however, have a distinct inability to look for things, thus leading to the phrase "the boy look". The males in my life are tragically afflicted. Over and over again we have conversations that go something along the lines of:
Male: "have you seen my phone, keys, homework, tie, remote control ...."\
Me: "no ... but I haven't been looking for it"
Male: "could you?"
A search, often lasting 2.7 nano seconds, is then launched generally finding the lost item either in clear view or exactly where it should be. Seriously, some people can't see for looking.
Like today, I dragged the males to the dog park with Rumple and me. When we got there I asked my husband if he could find a ball in my backpack. Nope, apparently there wasn't one. I suppose that was true. There wasn't one ball, there were three all in clear view. So we got to play with the flattened but favourite green ball, the new purple ball AND the ball on the rope. Rumple didn't care which. He, at least, was one male in the family who was on the ball.


  1. great catching photos - your dog has such a lovely and friendly little face. x

  2. haha - that is soo true! I love Rumple's action photos!

  3. These are epic action doggy shots! What a sweet pooch you have. #365