Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 16. Day 106. I've got my eye on you

A work colleague is fond of saying that just because you are paranoid doesn't mean the bastards aren't out to get you. I suppose the reverse can also be true - that even if you are not paranoid you can't be sure you are not being watched. I KNOW I'm being watched but in the nicest possible way. From her seat at the front window, my neighbour Margaret sees everything that happens in the street. Where others use the TV or the radio as background noise for their daily life, Margaret sits by the window from dawn until dusk and just watches. Now aged well into her 80s, there's nothing she misses. She can tell without seeing the driver whether it is me or Charles reversing the car out of the driveway. Apparently Charles comes much closer to the guard rail every time. She knows if I leave early or if I'm running late, when the mowing man last visited or if a delivery man has arrived at the door. And this morning she looked with bemusement as I pulled the car over, took this photo through the open car window and then drove off. I suppose a person could be irritated by having her comings and goings so closely scrutinised but frankly knowing someone is watching over my place and my family is comforting rather than threatening. And after all everyone's got to have a hobby.


  1. incredible photograph and loved hearing about Margaret

  2. That is an incredible photo! And a lovely story - so much better that you don't get irritated by her watching you. Sounds like a different hobby!

  3. Margaret sounds like a wonderful friendly lady, like my neighbour Cilla (nothing gets past her!). Is she the lady you've featured before?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.