Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31. Day 112. Road To Recovery

When I think recovery session I think a hair of the dog, a Berocca and a bacon sandwich.
Never do I think of plunging my body in freezing water just after dawn.
That says a lot about me. It also says a fair bit about the members of the Fast Track Athletic squad who I ran into a South Bank this morning where they sprinted along the beach before throwing themselves in the pool.
Henry, Thomas, Yunis, Paul (pictured) and Anthony told me they train at South Bank several times a week but it has all been land-based for several months.
After a big international meet on the weekend it was determined that an icy plunge was on the cards.
Yep, they told me it was as cold as it looked but their fear of losing was greater than their fear of a bit cold water.
I admire their commitment but I think I'll stick to my idea of how to travel along the road to recovery.


  1. i love the first photo with all that water spray completely covering him as he runs through the water!x

  2. Oh my word, the water spray in the top shot is magnificent! I'm like you, I'd rather have a greasy sandwich and a coke or something similar to recover in the morning.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  3. Wow! Fantastic photo- love all the water drops. And yes, mine is a gradual, fragile road to recovery!

  4. Great action shots - better them than me in the freezing water though!