Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25. Day 206. Complete Basket Case

The running joke around our place whenever Rumple does anything exceptionally cute or just a little bit clever is that he is "quite advanced". Well really, what parent doesn't think their little one is gifted at some point? Being extremely inquisitive and a little bit naughty is what puppies do but if I want to label it as exceptional it would be safer not to contradict me. Just saying.
Still, he does have one very special gift and that is the gift of happiness.
I admit to feeling a bit of a basket case today, possibly as a hangover from illness and a resulting pile up of work. Whatever the reason I was just not getting my sh*t together. At all.
And I swear Rumple knew it. At one point he jumped on the bed where I was lying, lifted a single paw and put it on my arm. My sweet little furry baby. The rest of the day he was by my side, just being there watching me. This photo was taken while he was resting in a basket at my feet.
Now really how could that not bring a smile to a girl's face which is exactly what I needed?