Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1. Day 1. Fresh start

January 1. It's not unexpected to wake up feeling crap, a bit sluggish, slightly seedy.
That's exactly how I felt but there's one small problem with this story. Last night I drank mineral water. I am not talking about mineral water between other beverages I am talking nothing but mineral water. And yet I get the hangover. Now that sucks and totally proves my point. I'm getting old. And so starts operation Fresh Beginnings where I shall try to slow down a bit and just chill.
So with my brother Michael , my nephew Connor (pictured) and our two fur friends in tow we went to Nudgee Beach for a dip and then back home to the pool, followed by a game of Cluedo and a nap. It was all very refreshing.
And because it is the season for a fresh start, I have now gone almost 24 hours without eating crap food.
For the record this is NOT a diet like those I have started every January 1 for decades. This is about taking better care of myself and that means everything in moderation (even chocolate Susan, even chocolate).


  1. I so wish my diet was like yours!! Happy New honey xx

  2. wow what a refeshing start to the new yesar indeed - great photo love his face with the splashes of water all around him. good luck with your healthier regime i will bw doing the same on monday eeeeek x

  3. love this photo, wish we could jump in a pool in January. Good luck with the healthy in 2014 project #365

  4. I love the look of pure joy on your nephews face.

  5. That pool looks so inviting. The closest I got to a dip was connecting a new garden sprinkler and testing it. Tried to encourage my chooks to take a shower. They just didn't get it.

  6. A brilliant picture! Everything in moderation is a great way to stick with healthier eating!

  7. As my son said to my mum yesterday, "BUT IT'S CHOCOLATE NANA!" You can't deprive yourself of the elixir of life!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.