Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 23. Day 357. Bad mother

It is a mother's embarrassing bodies nightmare. The phone call from the school informing you your little baby has headlice. You tell yourself  lice like clean hair. You tell yourself every child gets them but the truth is you are embarrassed not just that there is lice but worse that you didn't know. That your baby is infested and uncomfortable and it happened on your watch. Well that's what happened today. Sort of. The groomer called me to say Rumple had fleas. Fleas that I had looked for and hadn't found. He was itchy and fleas are always the first suspect but I couldn't find any. So I decided it was sand and salt and beach itch and treated it appropriately. Clearly I couldn't see for looking. Worst. Mother. In. The. World. But now I know what I am dealing with and $111 worth of state-of the-art flea treatment later and we should be all good. And all groomed and flea treatment later he is pretty as a picture and I'm pretty sure all is forgiven.
Best bow ever


  1. awww hope you and yours have happy and non flea new year!

  2. Oh dear Rumple looks none the worse for having his little friends on board. ;)
    Rather expensive treatment though!!
    Happy New Year!

  3. what a cheeky little pooch! a face full of character. happy new year!

  4. Aww! So cute! Happy new year #project365