Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2. Day 336. Bad hair day

Today a great weight was lifted from my shoulders. It's been weighing me down for too long and it was time to take decisive steps. Today I had a long, long overdue haircut. Not only that the winter fur coat in other regions disappeared with an agonising rip of hot wax. Today was the day I drew a line under the bad hair days of recent weeks. At my last haircut too long ago the stylist made me promise to return more often. I believe the benchmark was I should have my hair attended to at least as often as the dog. I seriously failed at this. My hair was like this ducky moorhen chick's - uncontrolled and heading in all directions. This is a look the chick totally rocks. On me it looked like a case of permanent bed hair but nowhere near as sexy. Again I promised to do better. Again I know this will be easier said than done. Still I will try because if nothing else I know I can be particularly trying

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