Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 11. Day 162. Sorry mum

Becoming a parent really makes you want to do two things 1. Apologise to your parents and 2. Thank your parents, the exact balance of the two depending on the day. Today I wish to apologise for the food fights. Here I am not talking about the teen movie high school canteen food throwing fights but the fights about eating. As the mother of a teen who is possibly the world's fussiest eater, I  now know just how frustrating convincing a non-eater to eat can be. Might I say I was never a fussy eater as such but in my teen years I simply refused to eat breakfast. Ever. Being a good mother, my mum begged and threatened and bribed and used just about every other tool in the parent manual to get me to break my fast but I would not. I was not a morning person and the last thing I wanted to do first thing was eat. So I wouldn't. Eventually we reached an (unhappy) compromise. I would have a glass of orange juice before leaving for the school bus. A friend who caught the bus with me reminded me recently that I would tip the glass of juice into a pot plant as I left the house. I look back on that now in horror. There is no way I could conceive of not eating breakfast. A bowl of cereal first thing is an absolute must. The weird thing is, this food refusal business seems to be a very much human thing and a first world problem at that. Do other species refuse to eat? No, they do not. At South Bank this morning all the creatures seemed to be licking their lips in anticipation of the first bite of the day. No need to force feed, no need to food fight. Like I said "sorry mum".


  1. i think i have a lot ot thank my parents for and i def now appreciate them more since i became a mum myself. i love the berry inside the lizards mouth x

  2. I used to be exactly the same about breakfast but now I don't think I could get through the morning without it! Love the top photo, it took me a minute to work out what it was until I tilted my head!