Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6. Day 157. Something to crow about

Workload meeting.
That glorious one-on-one chance to sit with the boss and discuss just how hard you work. Now that's something to crow about. Great start. I was late (not because I was at South Bank AGAIN taking photos of this crow. That was much earlier in the day). I was actually delayed by work. Fortunately my boss was delayed even more than me. See, we all work really hard. Meeting over.
I know in large organisations there needs to be accountability to check everyone is pulling his or her weight but sometimes the formula has me scratching my head (like the crow). There's lots of work. I do it. That's it really.
Now if you'll excuse me. I have work to do.


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  2. thats crows eyes are really intense - he seems to be starring at you as if to say "oi go away!" i just love that he is scratching his head x

  3. Corporate policies are definitely worth a good head scratch! Love your crow :-)

  4. Brilliant crow, you always take such great photos!

  5. the crow apperars to be giving you 2 fingers ( or claws anyway). a great picture of a black object, often difficult to get the lighting right to get any detail.

  6. Work work work. I help make the policies where I work...and sometimes it makes me scratch my head.