Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9. Day 313. Lapping it up

Simple creatures really. Give them plenty of food and drink, tickle their tummies and gives them treats occasionally and there's no need to keep them on a short leash. They'll follow you everywhere. You just need to let them think they're the boss when it's obvious who's holding the lead. Well that's the theory and as the only inhabitant of our household without a Y chromosome I like to pretend I'm the one in charge.
We all know that's not true but every now and again I do get my way.
So this afternoon I "encouraged" the two legged males in the household to accompany Rumple and me on our walk. I could say they jumped at the idea but not without my fingers crossed.
However, once we got going everyone seemed pretty happy with the arrangement.
It was such a simple thing, the whole family just out for a stroll to the dog park.
As you can see, Rumple was really lapping it up. Secretly the others weren't complaining either. I didn't even have to give them Schmackos. No-one will have to sleep in the dog house tonight.


  1. I do so love your photos - perfect and the girls and I really want a dog - currently trying to persuade the man of the house! (love the name Rumple!)

  2. what a fab shot, although the dog doesn't look impressed! lol

  3. awwww such a cutie and i love how its tongue is out lapping at the water while the tiny whirls on the top of the water from the rain falling, look a bit like your dogrs whirly markings. gorgeous x

  4. so cute, although he doesn't look too impressed at having his photo taken!

  5. no his wee face seems to be saying "I hope thats not going on the blog"

  6. He has got beautiful eyes, it's the simple things (like dog walking) that make life pleasurable.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  7. He is so cute! What a gorgeous little face